Season of Madness

Welcome to Mismatched Dice’s Gamma World; Season of Madness. On June 30th, an avid fan of RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons, Champions, and Vampire: The Masquerade was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer that has spread to his liver. Chris started doing Chemo treatments on September 1st, but this will be a tough process for him, his family, and his friends. He is very positive and with God on his side, Chris won’t be giving up.

If you’ve ever given to charity and wondered where your money went, here is your chance to directly help save a fellow gamer’s life.

On November 19th-20th the Penn-Ohio Chapter of North Coast Gamers, in association with Garrettsville’s own Game Emporium, will be putting on a 24 hour “Roleplayathon” to help raise money for Chris Ziga and his family.

The Roleplayathon will be held at the Game Emporium (8015 State St., Garrettsville, OH). Registered teams are asked to arrive at 9:00 am on the 19th for set-up and orientation. The marathon will begin promptly at 10:00 am and run through 10:00 am the following morning. A rest area will be provided for those who wish to take a break from their roleplaying, and food retailers are within walking distance of the Emporium.

Gamma World Season of Madness takes place 200 years after The Great Mistake. The world has finally settled down, or at least in the sense that the land is no longer drastically changing, the terrain and plant life no longer sporadically appear or vanish, the planet its self seems to have finally chosen a form. With the world finally settling down the different encampments and “towns” that have been struggling to survive finally have the opportunity to strive, expand, and enter into the age old conflicts that all growing civilizations go through. The players will take the roles of lowly, horribly mutated soldiers at The Emporium and will be sent out on a recon mission to discover more about The Wind Named Amensia. Little do they know that this feeble mission will plummet them into a calamity that once again threatens their world’s very existence.

Gamma World; Season of Madness

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