Gamma World; Season of Madness

Finding the Beam

The group found an odd man they named Mr. Burke just outside of Yellov. He was lounging about on a statue as if expecting the group, and hopped down to address them. He greeted them as if they were close friends, and warned them that they didn’t want to be here, that bad things were about to happen to this town and if they didn’t cease their meddling it was going to happen to them too. The various telepaths within the group attempted to probe the mans mind, to use their mental powers to see just what he was up to, however they had no effect. In fact every blast of psychic energy that sent at him was doubled and shot back into their own minds. The group tried to pump him for information, however he evaded all advances and just as things were about to get physical he vanished in a blink of the eye.

The group was able to recruit some pitchfork wielding porkers to follow them around. The group used the porkers to navigate the tunnel and fine Yevin, the towns leader. After running a guantlet of short answers from the porker they were able to figure out the FOCA were around, and aiding the town by providing them with basic needs and helping them organize a return to the surface. Yevin demanded that the group leaves, and they did, however they used their porker minions to guide them to the FOCA watchtower located just outside of Hiram.

The group sent the swarm of rats down into the encampment to scout, and they were able to get a basic layout of the camp and their numbers. After reporting back the group sent down a nude…. Confused human engineered. The boy was playing at having caught amnesia, and was greeted by armed guards. The guards immediately forced him to the ground and searched him, and after finding no weapons loosely interrogated him. The man kept pleading to let him stay with them, however he was turned down and directed towards Yellov.

The rat swarm scouted as a “confused” doppelganger wandered down. A naked test tube-baby man also wandered down ater the first dude with “amnesia” wandered off. He was pinned down forcefully and was MENTALLY probed. Everyone came out of hiding except for glowstick dude, who stayed up on the ridge for a long time.
The leader went to converse with the F.O.C.A. leader and our leader found out The Emporium was very rude to F.O.C.A. He came back and we went to search for an oracle of sorts.
We went to the Hiram campus and literally “ran into” the oracle who desperately wanted his “noobcraft” servers up. We called him Orson Wells and he was our Orson Wells. We gave him a large computer monitor, and he told us about the Rubik’s cube multiverse and how someone screwed it up. We found a roomful of compasses and gathered our glow stick grue lantern.
We went back to F.O.C.A. and shared our info with them and finally went to sleep as our one other test tube baby fell asleep under the stars.
We went back to the campus, everything technical was gone. We went back to the compass room and found a silver, Orion belt, compass. We looked up and found (DUM DUM DAA!!!) Mr. Burke. He was very mean to Orson (while we were gone) and floated down off the creepy rafters. He told us that he was very impatient, and walked through the male test tube baby. Told us to enjoy what time we have left and if not, he threatened us with kidnapping. We used a canoe to get up in the rafters and all the stuff fell from the ceiling that it was sticking to. We also went to the library and found some destroyed star maps.
We went back to FOCA and gave them a radio cell phone, and went in the direction of the Orion compass (points east). We travelled for a day and solved and solved and interdimensional Rubik’s cube. We went through the bog of magic mucka and found a sword spider with a pinstripe fedora.
Master Splinter tried to cause the evil spider to have an ADD attack, and our ditto dude nearly died trying to kill it with a shovel while restrained by an unknown, sticky, white fluid. The glowstick dude let the bullets fly, while only hitting with the first two bullets, the recoil messed up his aim. Also, our test tube female inspired some people, our test tube male was useless, and boomerang boy threw his propeller boomerang. We kilt it deadz.

The Wind Named Amnesia

Everything started like a normal mission at The Emporium. Various mutants were summoned for a briefing, and we were set out on a rather peculiar mission. Ungret, a rather large yeti like creature instructed us that we were to investigate a weapon being referred to as The Wind Named Amensia. According to Ungret isolated pockets of civilization have been encompassed in a strange thick fog. When the fog clears all the inhabitants have no clue who they are or how they came to be there. Furthermore FOCA agents have been spotted at EVERY incident, just outside of the fog and often carrying odd machinery. Ungret expressed that everyone at The Emporium believes this fog is a new FOCA weapon and instructed the group that FOCAcan not be trusted. He warned us that FOCA agents would use kids and elderly to bait traps, use lies and tricks to lure us into their traps and even convert members of the group into FOCA agents using mind control and other tactics. The bottom line was that if you see a FOCA, shoot the FOCA on site.

The group wasted little time and quickly readied a caravan to travel to the location that FOCA agents have been spotted in. A subterranean town under the ruins of Hiram. They put together an odd caravan consisting of two pick up trucks, one being pushed by a giant and another which has had the floor busted out and was being pedaled along Fred Flinstone style. To add to the insanity there was a man riding a horse in the bed of the pickup truck, and an odd hawkoid flying not too far above the group. The group came upon a couple odd robots they dubbed “zappy evils”, after trying to circumnavigate the robots and realizing that they were adjusting their course to intercept, the group simply smashed them to bits. After dispersing the zappy evils they continued on towards Hiram, only to find a few more robots. The group was caught off guard as various spots of the ground crumbled away during the fight, revealing deep radioactive craters which ensnared multiple party members. The group won but had to fish at least three of their members out of the craters, and used the bulk of their supplies fixing up various wounds from the fight.

After a quick rest they pushed on, navigating around the various craters until they were finally in the ruins of Hiram. Much to their dismay they were not greeted by people, mutants, or a town…. Instead they found the ruins crawling with more of these zappy evils. To further complicate things there seemed to be a new zappy evil (which they named eviler zappy evils), much larger and vicious then the models they were use to fighting. Furthermore all the robots were making their way into the tunnel that lead down to the town of Yellov. The fight was long and hard, and left most of the party crawling around on the ground. However with a few well thought moves the robots were trashed. The seismic doppleganger cloned himself as he was about to die, and used the clone to unleash a devastating blow to all the robots that were piling onto him, also crushing himself. As the rest of the party cleaned up what was left the hawkoid quickly pulled the dopplegangers body from the rumble, applying some quick first aid to see that he didn’t die. The group barricaded the tunnel with their trucks, and quickly fled down into the tunnel.

Act 3
We wandered toward the center of the pull of the compass and found a fish eye lens funnel to THE CENTER OF THE WORLDS!!! And we walked, and walked down the fisheye path, and found another monster. THE GIANT, STEAMPUNK, MECHA WEAPON, MINI GUN, TURTLE OF DEATH!! We approached the hideous monstrosity with multiple strategies, suddenly we teleport one mile forward on the path to THE CENTER OF THE WORLDS!!!
The path above turned into a giant tower as we approached, and was made of white light emanating crystals. The ebony door was pushed in as the glowstick dude tried to climb up the tower and fell on his butt. We threw a canoe through the door and NOTHING HAPPENED, besides it disappearing. We entered the door and entered each party member’s own reality. Walking toward a glass staircase, we went up, and found a giant Burke/Father time. He was punching holes in REALITY ITSELF!
Burke smash, everyone go boom, Ian got lost in the time stream and sealed outside of the tower permanently, you make up an awesome deathscene and ending because we couldn’t.


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